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Eyeon has done some testing and managed to get QuickTime to work with Fusion for Linux; however it is unsupported at this time. (I.e. it has issues.)

Run winecfg from the Linux shell to ensure that the wine host is set to XP mode (defaults to win2k)

Install QuickTime via the normal windows installer. (Installer had to be download from somewhere other than apple, as the main QuickTime download site incorrectly identified Linux as Leopard/osX, preventing the user from downloading the windows version of QuickTime.)

The Installer will potentially fail (at least one component did in our tests) and then the screen will black out. This however does seem to install QuickTime to a usable state.

After installing QuickTime, each time Fusion or the slaves is run, QuickTime blacks out the screen. Dragging a window over the screen will repaint the interface to its normal colors.

Run Fusion normally under Linux and set up the saver to point to a windows based path. Currently Fusion feeds savers a Linux path and QuickTime doesn't like it. We used the built in wine function of z: to map to the local drive.

Once rendered, it appeared to play back as expected under windows.

QuickTime player seems to crash when run.

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